Handicapped Curbless Showers

Convenient for the handicapped or those who desire a walk-in shower

We have seen an increase over the last few years for curbless showers that are handicapped accessible.  For the disabled or elderly, getting in and out of a shower tub is very difficult.  We offer flush fiberglass shower pans that can be custom made according to any builder or homeowner’s specifications.  Our handicapped shower pans can be designed for residential bathrooms as well as commercial bathrooms, providing safe and comfortable bathing options for all members of the family.

For existing bathrooms, we work with builders to coordinate the necessary framing details to acquire the proper height requirements in order to make the shower pan flush with the bathroom floor area.  Whether it be lowering the shower pan area or raising the level in the bathroom floor, the desired height will be obtained.  For new construction, this step is designed into the plans.

Once the proper heights are achieved, we begin the fiberglass process. We apply our fiberglass mat to the floor area and the bench seat taking it a minimum of eight inches up the wall area. We extend the fiberglass mat three to four feet away from the opening of the shower in order to make that area waterproof.  Once the fiberglass has cured, it is ready for the tile installation.

The curbless shower pan provides an easily accessible area to those that are wheelchair bound or that require a walker.  In fact, the curbless showers offer benefits to many people, even those that do not use wheelchairs.  Many just like the sleek look and easy access of a walk-in shower.

Please contact us at Thomas Percetti Construction, Inc. at 215-453-8059, or email us, for any of your curbless shower needs.