placeholder-deckHow much should I pitch a deck?

A deck should be pitched ¼ “ per foot


What type of plywood should I put down?

The plywood that should be used is ¾ “ T & G


Should I have my fascia installed before fiberglass installation?

Yes, the fascia should be installed on the deck prior to the fiberglass installation


Should I have my railing posts installed before fiberglass installation?

When a vinyl rail system is used, the posts needs to be installed for us to be able to fiberglass up.


Can I put the railing up after you fiberglass before you apply the color coat?

No, we need to grind the fiberglass and cannot do a proper job with the railing installed.


How do I frame my deck?

Here is a diagram showing the framing specifications, click on image to enlarge.




Simple shower pan in progress

Simple shower pan in progress

How high do I set the drain?

You set the drain ½ “ off the subfloor.


How high do I put the blocking around the perimeter?

This should be a minimum 2” x 6”.


How high should the curb be?

A typical curb is three 2” x 4”s high on the flat.


Should I put my wonder board on before you install the pan?

No, we fiberglass first up the blocking and your wonder board is installed over acting as a counter flashing.


How do I frame the shower pan area?

Here is a diagram, click on image to enlarge.